Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ThOuGhTs UnPluGgEd.......

Hi people:).. i know its long time since i scribbled in my blog as a continuation of Reel of the feel. I hope i din keep u clueless for a long time.If ya then i m really sorry.Well to have something different instead of starting from first sem i would just like to scroll from down.The internship which i mentioned about at Survey of India, Patna was awesome. In fact i would say it was worthed ,adventurous and Challenging too.There people were not of my age group and to be very frank i was the only gal who went there as an intern.It use to make me feel highly contented the way people sowed their interest towards knowing more and more about my course.ooo ooo i think my dear friends u are still not apprised of that.By the way my department is Geo informatics.Its an amalgamation of geography and information system or location based information system in layman's language.Well i ll let u know about this in detail as we descend down the stories about to come in my this post.There i actually came to know many new things related to my department subjects as well as in general.The most ardent fact was the way work is carried out at all the government offices including pride and prejudices or predilections and the politics that is made at each and every stage.So i got to learn about the theory of 4P's there!!!Now this went for some 40 days which was interesting enough in the start but as time went on,i started hating this.One of the main reason behind this was the system given to me for working which always used to tease my highlighting one sentence alone....WINDOWS ENCOUNTERED SOME PROBLEM!!! WOULD U LIKE TO SEND THE ERROR REPORT!!!!!For a while i thought that i m back to my 5th standard were i always used to come home with a customary remark on my notebook.Anyways ppl say na ant bhala to sab bhala... so i somehow finished my internship:)and was back to home with my mummy.i dono y but this tym had a special corner for my mom and dad. I did everything all household works and din let her do anything.May be coz im never there to take care of them, shoulder responsibilities being the youngest daughter:);) it was the guilty feeling or one might call that out of regards for my parents.

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