Friday, August 12, 2011


hi friends ... this is kavita.. i dono from how many months or i must say years i was thinking of writing this.... and finally my that continuous thinking took me ahead!well my this blog is not gonna comprise of a single incidence but instead it gonna be like how a single person gets almost hundred and one thought at a time pertaining to diff situation.Before starting all this lemme make one thing very clear and wo ye ki my english wont have such flowery words and those hi fi elegant words instead its gonna be a simple self explanatory english. and i wont miss to mention that this hesitation for such a long time as coz of my english.... its horrible according to one of my best buddy... sorrry for not letting her name out...:) well this is my last year in coll now.. my stories of the past would be continued in my oncoming posts.Starting from this year as in for this post lets take my this year.. i still remember how stormy and ruffled i was with my results of sixth sem... ahem.. well i m an average student oly who struggles a lot but lands in something unexpected and unforeseen... for the time being take it like i crossed 8 first time in my sem results.guess wat my results in the range of 7 had become something perpetual.... in addition to this i was excited abt the internship at a temple named SURVEY OF INDIA, Patna(BIHAR) with the deity as mr. Stalin.. ha ha to be very frank i used to spell out his name more no. of times than god... finally i got inside survey of india on my first day of intern along with my dad.. guess wat my dad after looking at the way ppl were interacting with us and showing off as if they were soo busy... became irritated and he made oly one statement and that was like your frens wud have surely strangled u if they alone ud have come here!!!!!! i wasn taking these comments inside my mind ... just thot how they are gonnna teach me here or train me here... but finally en i saw the directoer i was just shocked out of my mind...but u know i came to know many new thing in the software weused for some 2 years and still using. i got to learn and even teach at times .. they ll be sooo keeen in knowing wat was my topic all about.... well this ll continue in my upcoming posts....... thanks for patieny listening:)

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